Loving Lately

by - October 17, 2018

Here is the run down on all of my recent purchases that I am Loving Lately...

I've never been one of those people who has a favorite face wash.  I've used a bunch in the past and liked them all but never felt really wowed or made a repeat purchase.  This one just might be my favorite face wash.  It's very mild and instantly after using my skin felt extra soft, 
smooth and clean.  It was a very noticeable feeling.  An added plus, it has light scent that, 
to me, smells like white tea.  

I love these but don't love the price.  I use them twice a week to conserve them.  I view them as an investment, keeping any future cosmetic surgeries for my under eyes at bay.  I have large circles under my eyes, they aren't dark but they do sink in a little and I have been doing everything I can to combat them lately.  These eye patches are a huge help.  They deliver instant moisture and calm my under eye swelling in the morning and so far no wrinkles.  

This lip mask is a game changer!  I struggled with dry lips and always had to have a lip balm on me.  After our recent vacation I felt little my lip dryness had gotten worse.  In a way, my lips felt so dry that they felt as though they were getting smaller and developing deep wrinkles by the minute.  Not anymore!  Since I started using this mask every night I no longer have those issues and have completely stopped needing to use lip balms at all times.  My lips are plump in the morning and hold their moisture throughout the day.  I don't look like Kylie Jenner or anything but my lips feel soft and full, a feeling I don't think I've ever really felt.  I am honestly shocked with how well this product works and I could not be happier with the results.  

I don't actually own this adorable, faux succulent, my mom does.  I was with her when she bought it and I was the one that spotted it for her.  I thought it was exactly what she needed for the space she was decorating.  I was right.  It looks great in her home, adding brightness, warmth and depth without the watering and maintenance of a real succulent.  From a distance it, in fact, looks real.  Perfect for a shelf or windowsill.  I especially like the pot and stand it comes in, modern with out being over bearing.  I think my mom is very happy with this faux succulent.  

K and just picked these they other day with the intent of making some fun, fall cocktails.  The ombre, copper design is definitely trendy but the glasses feel classic enough to use in the future as well.  For the price they really can't be beat.  This weekend I plan on 
making Apple Cider Margarita's.

I got lucky and found this coffee table book at HomeGoods last week and I love it.  I know the more common, popular coffee table books are, Chanel, Tom Ford or McQueen.  But I prefer a coffee table book that speaks to the personality of our household.  Don't get me wrong, I love Chanel, Tom Ford and McQueen but couture fashion is not the vibe in our home.  I think that if someone sat on our couch and picked up this book they might think the book inspired our deign choices.  To me, that scenario is what the intent of coffee table is, the book speaks to the space.  Plus, it's full of beautiful photos, intriguing designs and interesting ideas, 
truly inspirational and fun to read.

This decorative acorn box at first glance, seemed a little too traditional for me but I bought it anyway.  It's cute and adds fall vibes in my home and it serves a purpose.  It houses matchbooks for my candles on my coffee table.  Maybe I'll fill it with candy corn for my husband when, 
Halloween gets closer.   

These loafers are so comfy!  I just bought them last week and have already been wearing them on walks and to run errands.  The color is perfect for fall and the gold hardware mimics the Gucci loafers at a fraction of the price.  They make any outfit look put together and finished.

I finally bought pink sneakers!  I love that they are slip-on's with the look of lace up sneakers, perfect for everyday use and running out the door.  I've already gotten the white soles pretty dirty from so many Bella walks.  The color is light and neutral and so far they've looked great paired with everything, especially jeans.  They come in two other colors, olive green and blackish, grey and a bonus, they are on sale!

Teddy coats became a big trend last year and have returned for a second fall/ winter season. Now that I own this Teddy coat, I see why.  When your wearing this type of coat you feel as though you are wearing a big hug from a teddy bear.  This coat in particular is very soft, cozy and warm.  With big pockets for all of my stuff and to keep my hands warm.  I'll be wearing it non-stop and am already looking for another color to buy.

This sweater is one of my new favorite sweaters.  The oversized, chunky look just screams let's get cozy.  I purchased the powder pink color but it also comes in light grey, turquoise and dark yellow.  The dark yellow would be my second choice.  That color is having a big moment 
again this fall/ winter season.  

Thank you for stopping by!

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