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by - October 23, 2018

My little brother, Rick, is getting married!  He met his fiancé, Lauren, about two years ago and asked her to marry him on March 31st (2018).  I love my brother so much that it is actually hard to put into words.  And I am even more proud of him.  He has grown into a sweet, smart, thoughtful and perfectly sarcastic man.  I am truly so happy for him and Lauren. The fact that they found each other makes me happier than the fact that I found K.  Don't get me wrong, I am obsessed with K and our relationship but I am happiest when the people I love are happy.  I have Lauren to thank for that.  They are a lovely couple.  Rick and Lauren recently shot and received their engagement photos which are so stunning I begged them to allow me to share the photos here.  To accompany their engagement photos and add a little depth  but also whimsy to this post, I've asked them 15 fun relationship/ engagement questions. 
Cheers to Rick and Lauren! 

How did you meet?
L: We met in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, at a destination wedding that I wasn't even invited to - I just tagged along with my parents. The wedding, unfortunately, ended up being called off at the last minute, but several people still went on the trip, including myself and Rick. I don't think either of us would say it was love at first sight, but after an adventurous last night of vacation we really hit it off. It turned out that we grew up right down the street from one another! About a week later, I asked Rick if he wanted to have a doggie play date back home and I showed up without my dog. The rest is history.
R: I met Lauren the first night at a destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We had so much fun that by the time it was time to fly home, everyone attending the wedding could see that we had a connection. And, turns out she grew up right down the street from me!

What characteristics about the other sparked your interest in him/ her right away?

L: If we're talking aesthetics, Rick's smile is what really got me. I'll never forget leaving the airport and locking eyes from across baggage claim - it felt like a scene from a movie (cheesy, I know). He gave me the biggest smile and suddenly I knew I needed to see him again.

R: Eyes, beautiful, sky blue eyes. And the conversations. It may sound corny, but we stayed up for hours on the trip, talking. I loved hearing her stories and sharing mine. I knew I wanted to know more about her.

What is your vision for your wedding?
L: The end goal is for the day to feel like one big party with our closet friends and family. I don't love being the center of attention (queue anxiety attack) so we're trying to keep things a bit less traditional. The vibe will be intimate, moody and romantic.
R: We agreed early on that we wanted a stripped down wedding that focused on a fun dinner party with our closet family and friends. Our venue is a beautiful barn on a property with several greenhouses. It has a very natural feel, lots of greenery and reclaimed wood.

How has wedding planning gone so far? Any obstacles?

L: Wedding planning had been much more exciting than I expected! Rick and I have made some 'mood boards' and discussed our preferences. I was excited that Rick wanted to be really involved in the whole process. We have not necessarily agreed on everything but we're working those things out and always come to a compromise that we are both equally excited about.
R: The biggest obstacle thus far has been the timing. Everyone has a different opinion about the order in which things get booked and when we should be scheduling meetings with vendors. Turns out we are doing just fine. The best part has been throwing horrible suggestions Lauren's way and watching her reactions. It was a definite NO on our first dance being to Seal's "Kiss From a Rose".

What is your favorite thing about being engaged?
L: Is it bad to say the ring?! It's just so perfect! In all seriousness, the idea of getting to hang out with Rick for the rest of my life, is the most amazing feeling. I feel so lucky to get to be his wife.
R: It still amazes me that I found my forever person. I wake up every day next to Lauren knowing that she is the person I will spend the rest of my life with. It's exciting.

What are you looking forward to most about marriage?
L: This may sound crazy, but I'm looking forward to the unexpected. We're both going to grow so much over our lifetime, individually and as a couple, and I'm so excited to see where that takes us.
R: The unknown. No seriously. It's not like the excitement is going to stop once we're married. That's just the beginning, We have so many plans; things to do, places to go, people to visit. The world is waiting for us and I can't wait to explore it with my wife.

Three words that best describe your relationship at the moment?
L: Strong, generous and blissful.
R: Idyllic, supportive and balanced.

Favorite thing the other does regularly?
L: This isn't necessarily one thing, but my favorite thing about Rick is that he's always down for anything. He is always open to exploring and trying new things together.
R: Lauren gets me out of my comfort zone. If I had my choice, I'd hibernate 11 months out of the year. But Lauren is constantly on the move and challenges me to keep up. It's exhausting and rewarding at the same time.

Least favorite thing the other one does regularly?
L: It's probably hypocritical of me to say this, but Rick is always working, I am sometimes guilty of this too.  I love that he is so passionate about what he does, but I don't love the Friday night emailing from the dinner table.
R: She's always peeling her nails and nail polish.  I don't get it.  Why get your nails done just to peel them back?  is it a girl thing?

What are your favorite activities to do together?
L: I love working on our home.  We moved in together pretty early on in our relationship and have been tackling home projects ever since.  We also recently started boxing together twice a week, it's a blast!
R: Anything active.  We recently started working out together, but I also love being lazy together.  Who doesn't enjoy lazy, blissful moments with their best friend.

What is your favorite memory in your relationship other than the moment you got engaged?
L: I took Rick to one of my favorite places, Mohank Mountain House in New Platz New York, for the weekend.  We hiked, climbed, ate delicious food, bought so many plants from their amazing greenhouse and relaxed.  It was our first solo trip as a couple.  Rick loved it so much that he later agreed to have our engagement photos taken there.
R: My favorite moment has to be the day we first made gnocchi.  It was a mess!  Flour and potato skins everywhere, the water boiled over, the counter top was sticky.  But those fluffy pillows of gnocchi aka pillows of love, turned out delicious.

What is the other most passionate about?
L: Learning.  I've never meet someone who reads more than Rick does.  He reads about anything and everything.  I always say he needs to go on jeopardy because he is filled with so much knowledge.
R: Yoga.  Lauren was studying and training for her yoga certification during the same time she suffered a nasty hand injury.  But that did not stop her, nothing was going to stop her from achieving her goal.  She was fearless and unbreakable.

What's a guaranteed way to make the other happy after a terrible day?
L: Rick does the majority of the "responsibilities" around the house; cooking, walking the dogs, etc.  So when I know he is having a bad day I try to step in and takeover those tasks to take a some stress off his plate and allow him to relax.
R: Lauren only wants one thing on a bad day; empathy.  If I know she is struggling, the best thing I can do is hold her, hug her, kiss her and tell her  I will follow her to the end of the world to bring her back home.

Name one completely surprising thing you learned about the other recently?
L: Rick is a black belt (karate) and it took two years for this to come up!  I was so impressed.
R: Lauren is super blind without her contacts.  I knew she wears contacts but I just assumed she could still see some stuff without them.  She's going to kill me for this!

Advise for anyone newly engaged?
L: Have so much fun and don't take anything too seriously.  Never stop working - both on yourself and your relationship.  Don't get discouraged when things don't feel perfect- working through the rough patches will only make you stronger.
R: Live in the moment.  All we can see is here and now, so be present and enjoy every minute of it.

Lauren's dress: Free People
Location: Mohank Mountain House, New Platz, New York
Photographer: Marisa Albrecht and on Instagram

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