Last Minute Thanksgiving Day Outfits

by - November 20, 2018

Thanksgiving is only a day away!  Are you excited for Thanksgiving?  I hope you all get a little time off to spend with your loved ones and eat some yummy food.  Today I'm sharing some last minute Thanksgiving Day outfit ideas with you just incase you need a little inspiration or like me say to yourself "I have nothing to wear!!!"  As always, these looks have been posted to my Instagram and you can shop these looks using the LikeToKnowIt App.

Outfit #1 - The opening photo, is a simple sweater dress.  Sweater dresses are great because they are forgiving when that food baby starts to grow and very comfortable.  The sweater dress I'm wearing is on sale for $16, which is such a steal.  It runs a little large so I belted it and paired it with my favorite booties (leopard of course) and a pair of tights.  But I also love to pair a sweater dress with over the knee boots (like these) or with leather leggings (like these) and flats (like these).  

Outfit #2 - A cardigan that screams fall.  My cardigan is actually a sweater coat, but there is basically no difference and mine is on sale for $30!  It's a structured statement piece that even makes jeans and a tee look dressy.  I added heels and a statement bag to elevate the look even more.  If I were to switch out to a black cardigan, like this one (also on sale for $30), I'd definitely be purchasing this red statement bag.  

Outfit #3 - Pink and burgundy.  I paired these two colors together at random and fell in love.  The outfit would look even better with a leather moto jacket and the same heels but in black.  I also love the idea a monotone look just repeating this outfit.  A burgundy top paired with this burgundy, pleated skirt or a pale pink top paired with this pale pink skirt.  Another option would be swapping out the simple long sleeved tee for this fitted turtleneck.  Anyway you slice this outfit is going to look good without too much effort.

Outfit #4 - A good scarf.  Accessories can really make an outfit and the best most prominent accessory that can do it is a scarf.  With good placement a scarf can also hide that ever growing food maybe... two slices of pie, yes please!  My scarf is old but there is an identical one available here, at Target, which means for most of you it can be picked up when you run out to get those last minute groceries.   

Mock Turtleneck, Similar Skirts; herehere and hereOver The Knee Boots

Outfit #5 Falling For Plaid.  You might remember this outfit from last week's post.  It's one of my favorite outfits to date.  I just love plaid for the fall season and love the look a cute, shorter skirt with over the knees boots.  A tighter mini skirt is not as forgiving when it comes to that an extra slice of pumpkin pie and maybe not the kind of outfit for a family gathering that will end up on the couch but it's a very flattering look maybe meant for a Friends-giving or more formal Thanksgiving.

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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