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by - January 18, 2019

Happy Friday Friends?  How was your week?  Mine was cold.  I am officially at the point where the cold weather is annoying and I'm dying for Spring.  Too bad January is moving along at a snails pace and this weather is likely to be around through March.  Luckily K and I are headed to Miami, South Beach to be exact, next week and I can not wait!  I love South Beach and all it's Art Deco buildings and yummy food.  We have reservations at Byblos and plan to head to Little Havana for Cuban Sandwiches.  I've been reading that Versailles has one of the best Cuban Sandwiches in Miami.  If you have any suggestions on what to do, where to eat and drink or something we need to see, please leave me a comment, I love getting reader suggestions.  I picked up a couple new bikini's for our trip, this one from Target is currently my new favorite.  I didn't think I'd like the high waisted bottoms but they look great and I was very surprised when K said he liked them too.  He doesn't usually go for the out of the ordinary.  As for this weekend we don't have a lot planned, our neighbors invited us to their football get together on Sunday, which we might stop by.  But If I'm being honest I'm in full hibernation mode and what I really want to do this weekend is read a good book with a cup of hot tea and then switch that tea out for wine at the appropriate hour.  And if you're in need of something to read this weekend I've rounded up the fun and interesting articles I read this week
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