My Experience With Eyelash Extension

by - January 15, 2019

You might have noticed a difference in my face recently, especially if you follow me on Instagram, the difference is most noticeable in my stories.  After wanting eyelash extensions for a long time now I finally pulled the trigger on December 17th.  I wanted to test them out in hopes that I'd like them an keep them and look extra pretty for our upcoming trip to Miami.  We leave next Saturday, the 26th!  

I got my eyelashes done locally, at Beauty Marx Med Spa and so far have really enjoyed my experience and the staff.  When I went in to get my initial set on I choose a single lash application.  When I went back the second time (on January 7th) for my first refill I chose the fluffy lashed.  Fluffy lashes are basically three lashes to one.  They still apply one lash to your natural lash but that lash fans out with three lash extensions (I hope that makes sense).  I prefer the fluffy lash look for my face and the fluffy's are what on my lashes in the first selfie above.  The second selfie is from a couple months ago, before I had lash extensions.  My lashes in the photo are barely noticeable and I think I curled them that day.  My lashes are long but stubborn and point down no matter how much I curl the or what kind of mascara I use.  This was the main reason I wanted lash extensions in the first place.  I think they make a dramatic difference.  Now that I've had lash extensions for  almost a month now I have some opinions about them and a little insight to share.  

1. I love my lashes!  And I plan on keeping them for the unforeseeable future.  Because my lashes point down and look none existent the lash extensions brighten up my face and make me feel put together even without makeup.  In my first selfie, I'm not wearing makeup, but I did fill in my eyebrows.  

2. The initial lash appointment is 2 hours long and although laying down and for 2 hours sounds nice it's not so easy when someone is applying lashes.  If you're dealing with a well seasoned professional like the ladies at Beauty Marx, they are gentle and sweet.  But your awake with your eyes closed and you have to move your head a bit to help them get the proper angle for application.  Strangely, for me, keeping my eyes closed for 2 hours was tough, plus I always have so much to do on my days off that two hours is a serious time investment. Big tip, don't wear earrings!

3. Speaking of investments, lashes are not cheap.  My first application cost $250 and I added a 20% tip.  The refill cost $85 and I added a 20% tip again.  So if I plan on keeping these lashes they will cost me $85 plus a 20% tip ($100) every three weeks, That's a little over $1700 a year.  Right now that price is worth it to me, we'll see if my mind changes at some point.

4. Lashes require maintenance.  After the first application and after every refill your lashes can not come in contact with any liquids for about 24 hours.  Meaning no washing your face.  Why?  Because the glue that holds the lashes on is weakened by liquids.  Once those 24 hours are up, liquids, especially oils can still weaken the lash glue just not nearly as much.  I was advised to apply certain creams and lotions, mainly eye cream, an hour before bed.  This hour allows the creams to settle into the skin and not affect the lash glue as much.  This took me a little while to get used to because I apply eye cream every night before bed.  Once you begin to get your lashes wet, say in the shower, they will need to brushed out with a provided lash brush.  They need to be groomed and cleaned.  I was also given a special lash cleaner.  

5.  Don't touch your eyes!  Touching your eyes can spread unwanted oils which will weaken the lash glue.  Also touching your eyes can spread germs that may live a stronger life on the synthetic lashes.  Not being able to touch my eyes has been a huge change for me.  I now have realized I wipe my eyes every morning and swipe them several times a day.  Maybe it's a wake up motion?  Who knows?  But it's become a noticeable difference in my everyday.  I wake up and instead of rubbing my eyes, I remind myself 'don't touch your eyes' and use a Q-Tip like sponge (provided by Beauty Marx) for clean the morning out of my eyes.  

6. Week 3-4 lashes begin to fall out.  Lashes fall out because they are attached to the natural lash which grows out, they fall out with the natural growth.  When your lashes begin to fall out they will look less than.  I could not wait to get mine refilled the first time around, but I think it was still noticeable that I had lash extensions the day before my refill.  When my lashes started to fall out they were randomly all over my face and a couple fell into my eyes.  No big deal since they mimic real lashes.  Make a wish, I guess!

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