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Canada: No New COVID-19 Deaths Reported for the First Time in 6 Months

For the first time in 6 months, Canada reported no new deaths from COVID-19 on Friday, September 11.

On Friday, September 11, Canada reported no new deaths from COVID-19 for the first time in 6 months. More than 6 million people were tested, and only 2.1% of those tests came back positive. This is big news as the last time this happened was on March 15, at the beginning of the lockdowns, reports CBC. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, even though more than 700 new cases had been reported the same day, there had been no new deaths. Quebec had reported one new death on Friday; however, Ontario withdrew a formerly reported death. Thus the number of deaths reported, 9,163, remained the same.

Coronavirus cases in Canada spiked during April and were on the rise until July before starting to flatten out. 71.3% of these deaths were of people above the age of 80. Most of the cases, 80%, and deaths, 93.7%, have been reported by Ontario and Quebec.

Looking at the zero number of deaths, Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, commented, “I am reminded of the ways Canadians have pulled together to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We have been physically apart from each other to plank the curve, but we have found new ways to be together and connected, while at a distance.”

Compared to the U.S., its neighbor Canada has had significantly lesser coronavirus infections and deaths. While it had 137,676 COVID-19 cases and 9,214 deaths as of September 12, according to Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. went way beyond 6.4 million cases and 193,000 deaths during the same period.

Along with many other countries, Canada imposed lockdowns earlier this year to try and deter the virus. According to Bloomberg, even though Canada has started to ease restrictions across the country quite recently, such as the re-opening of schools, provinces such as Ontario, which has the highest population in Canada, have been comparatively slower to re-open due to rising cases. The recent spike in cases has surely been a cause of concern for the health authorities, especially since schools etc. have started to re-open. During the last few months, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has proudly highlighted the effectiveness of the country’s efforts to counter the pandemic than many of its allies, like the United States, since there are no new reports of deaths.

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