Finding Everyday Happiness

You are worth it, you are smart, you are beautiful… does this sound something like that mantra from the movie ‘The Help’?  Well, it’s true.  It’s good to take inventory, maybe write it down… ‘these are my good qualities’ and focus on them.  They are what’s important about you.  And one day, when you are strong enough, write down your bad qualities and try to address those.  But if you are struggling from depression today, it is important to focus on the good and turn those good qualities into even better ones.  These qualities don’t define you but they can help build you as a person and realize your worth.

Stay Present and Be Grateful

Stay present and do not compare your life to your neighbors.  Trust me, what your neighbor has doesn’t look as good as it truly is.  I use the term ‘neighbor’ as meaning the people in our lives that we compare ourselves to.  Whether it be someone you know or an Instagram feed full of photos of people traveling the Amalfi Coast.  They are not you.  Don’t focus on them and what they have or what they are doing.  Instead, focus on the present, what is making you happy right now.  Just to give you the simplest example, I get happy if my feet are warm.  My feet are always cold, so warm feet is a win.  I guess I am to saying simplify things.  Warm feet, that’s pretty simple.  Maybe that’s too simple. 

Ok, you may not be traveling to the Amalfi Coast this year but maybe you put it on your bucket list.  I recently read a study shows that planning a trip can make you as happy as actually taking a trip.  It’s important to also be grateful for these moments.  Being grateful for every moment of life seems like yet another mantra, but it is true.  Life is fleeting.  One way I like to stay grateful is by gratitude journaling which I wrote about here.  It’s obvious that I’m a simplistic person so I try to keep daily gratitude simple.  A lot of ‘thank you’s’ and many ‘I appreciate that’ to those in my life, including co-workers.  These words simple words that express my gratefulness, really help improve my daily relationships and my daily outlook

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