Florida Taxi Driver Who Believed Virus Was a Hoax Loses Wife to COVID-19

Earlier this month, Brian Lee Hitchens lost his wife Erin to COVID-19. After reading several posts on Facebook, the couple believed it was a total fabrication and did not follow any health guidelines related to the virus.

Florida Taxi Driver Who Believed Virus Was a Hoax Loses Wife to COVID-19

Earlier this month, Brian Lee Hitchens lost his wife Erin to the virus. Hitchens is a taxi driver in Florida while Erin was a pastor.

Hitchens claims that the couple had read information online, particularly on Facebook, suggesting that the virus was all a hoax. Due to this, neither followed any SOPs or took preventative measures at the beginning of the pandemic. He also revealed that Erin did not even think for a second that COVID-19 was a real thing. Both of them kept rotating between the idea that it was all a hoax, a phenomenon related to 5G technology, and a minor ailment like the simple flu. “We thought the government was using it to distract us,” Brian explains.

Due to their way of thinking, the taxi driver ended up losing his beloved wife. In early May this year, the two of them fell ill. Before this, Erin had already developed asthma and a sleeping disorder. Even after they started feeling symptoms, they didn’t seek any help or follow health guidelines. Hitchens went about his day as a taxi driver and would even collect Erin’s medicines without adhering to social distancing rules or wearing a mask. 

Soon after, they were both diagnosed with COVID-19.

After the couple fell ill with the virus in May, Brian posted on Facebook, stating that he had been deluded by all the information he had read online regarding the virus. He wrote, “If you have to go out, please use wisdom and don’t be foolish like I was, so the same thing won’t happen to you like it happened to me and my wife.”

When their conditions got out of hand, they went to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, where they were admitted immediately in the ICU. Brian started feeling slightly better after a couple of days; however, his wife’s condition kept getting worse, and they had to sedate her and put her on the ventilator. In a long Facebook post that he had posted sometime in May, he states that he regrets not listening to health officials’ guidelines beforehand.

Brian recovered from the virus. Sadly, his 46-year-old wife became severely ill and died this month due to heart problems connected to the virus. He now realizes that the virus was more real than ever and affects people in different ways. He states that while he can’t go back in the past, he can surely make better choices in the future. While he misses her terribly, he knows that she is no longer suffering.

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