Google Play Music Will Start Shutting Down In September

The way the world listens to music has changed significantly. No longer do people rely on cassette tapes and CDs when they want to enjoy their favorite tracks. Instead, opening an app up on their smartphone gives a person access to a wide range of audio content to stream.

Google Music built up quite a reputation in the last decade, but is now coming to an end.

Google bought over the YouTube video streaming platform in 2006. More than a decade after, the YouTube platform decided to launch a new music streaming service. At a monthly subscription fee, users are given an opportunity to listen to thousands of songs.

Due to the success of  YouTube’s Music platform, Google has now announced that it will be officially shutting down the Google Play Music system. Users of this platform are advised to move over to the new YouTube Music program for better and fresh content.

In September, Google Play Music will stop offering support to users in New Zealand and Australia. By October, support for Google Play Music will be dropped for the rest of the world. By this time, Google Play Music will also stop providing support for web-based streaming.

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