The D building Changes Dress Code and Banning Tattoos

Another day, another irrational law being enforced.

I recently came across a video on my Instagram feed that was extremely shocking to me. It was about the D in Downtown Las Vegas, making some changes to their dress code policy. The new dress policy banned some visitors with tattoos from entering the D in Downtown Las Vegas. The rule sounded absurd to me. Are they really going to turn away regular visitors just because of a single tattoo?

My initial reaction to this video was nothing but anger. Hearing an employee at the D, stopping a visitor from entering the property, annoyed me to my core. I thought about how that poor visitor must have felt when a single tattoo on his neck became a means to stop him from entering the D property.

Apparently, the new dress code prohibits those with tattoos on their face and neck from entering the D. However; I clearly heard the man in the video adding that there is much more to the ban. According to him, there are going to more restrictions on what sort of visitors are allowed to enter the D. According to him, women with clothing deemed to be ‘inappropriate’ could also be stopped from entering. The man also revealed that this policy would be implemented on Friday and Saturday nights. 

I personally feel that this policy is an irrational decision made in haste. Luckily, the D in downtown Las Vegas has realized the baselessness of their tattoo banning policy. They’ve recently released a statement claiming that they made a number of policies to keep everyone safe after reopening the place once the lockdown was lifted. However, they’ve evaluated their policy and rectified it, realizing that it was a result of “overreaching.”

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